September in the Rear Mirror

Welcome to October! To me September now means the start of spring instead of autumn. I ticked of a year on the South American continent, and I experienced a mild winter of about 6-8 weeks. My Brazilian friends and family were clinging their teeth for 6 months. I did an online video course on sales and I read 5 books the previous weeks; Designing for Growth, The Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, The Four Hour Workweek and Why We Sleep. In between cutting through all this new newness like a samurai, I wrote four blogs. Underneath you can read a quick recap of each. Click on the title to read the entire blog.

Are You Feeling the Vibe?


In Are You Feeling the Vibe I explore the implications of the fact that everything on earth at it’s smallest form is vibration.

This holds true for the computer or phone you are reading this blog on, your thoughts, your breath, the sound reaching your ears, and the chair you sit upon.

Now remember that time you were feeling amazing, all of a sudden more good things were happening.



 In Is There Another Way To Live Life I reflect on reading Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Work week. The book is full of perspective, tips and tricks on creating a lifestyle where there is space for you to form it according to your desires.

He introduces the term mobility to make you aware of the importance, if you are still working a job you don´t like, to have the freedom to decide from where you work.

He also introduces mini-retirements, why not take time in between jobs instead of waiting until you are 65 to take them all. Right when your body starts deteriorating and you are to weak to lift a stone.

If you are the most satisfied person in the world at this moment, and wouldn’t wish anything else than your current situation, you could leave this book be. Otherwise, read the Four Hour Work-week.

How To Deal With Your Automatic Self When Trying To Change


We humans have a lot of unconscious processes going on when we are taking decisions. One of them is the ambiguity effect. We prefer to take decision of which we know the outcome. All the while we shy away from novelty.

However, to get ahead in life it is key to enter novel situations. Still every moment you are in a situation like this there is always an unconscious pull towards the familiar.

How can you use this information to decide best in a moment when you there is an unknown outcome? Click on the title above to read the whole blog.

How Does Politics Really Work?


With the Brazilian presidential elections less than a week away at the moment of writing this, I took the opportunity to take politics under closer scrutiny.

I take a closer look at the attractiveness of long-term solutions (to politicians) for apparent problems like violence in Brazil, illegal immigration in the U.S. and refugees in the Netherlands.

Given the four year rotation of a cabinet, the way the elections work, and third-party interests, there can only be one conclusion. It doesn’t make sense to wait for decisions from higher up, you have to be the one that decides what happens in your life.



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