What would your life look like if you were the one that made up the rules? What would your life look like if you decided what you do, how and when? What would you do if your life ends in 2 years, 1 year or 6 months?

How can you, and I, live lives that satisfy us regardless of what others think, what society perceives as important, or what was held in the highest regard at school and university. How can you design your life from the ground up?

Metal construction

For me it means that I want to know what life consists of under the hood. What is happening in my environment, what is happening in my body, and what is happening in my mind? That is what Quest for Authenticity is about.

These and many questions other questions arise when I am in the process of designing my life. I must know what the current rules are for me to decide if I want them to be part of my life or not. I believe that true independence and the capacity to choose what is right for me are easier achievable when I treat my body, mind and environment in a gentle but truthful manner.

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