About Me

Hi there,

Welcome to Quest for Authenticity, a blog about self improvement, health, minimalism and travel. My name is Joël and I was born in the Netherlands. My name is derived from my constellation Lion (Leo in reverse). I love and live to learn. This process is often confronting but also very satisfying. Here on Quest for Authenticity I take you along on this journey of self improvement.

I am somebody who acts on his thoughts, reasons from a healthy egoistic perspective, and I talk easily. My life revolves around continues improvement. Be it to sort out my thoughts, improve my efficiency in everyday life, or trying new things to improve my health. Besides that, the previous four years I always ended up living far from home. I currently live in Brazil, I speak 8 languages, and I am passionate about the human mind and body, rock climbing, reading and writing.

I studied to be a Physical Therapist and still practice on a weekly basis. However, over the previous year I realized that I want to apply my skills with more variety. More importantly though, I love autonomy and to decide what I do and when. The result is that I am currently starting an online personal coaching business. Furthermore, I will launch a podcast revolving around travel with my friend Leander in the coming months and I freelance as a content writer and health professional. And last but not least, I continue to write here, on Quest for Authenticity.

The Beginning

I started Quest for Authenticity as a mere outlet while traveling and hitchhiking through South America. In the meantime it has developed into a place where I regularly write about the things I learn and how I try to incorporate them into my own life.

As I traveled with 17 kilos in my backpack, without ever using parts of it, I started to wonder about the value of everything I had. As a result my interest in minimalism was born. Furthermore, I spoke to so many people from different places, that I couldn’t help but notice how similar we all are. As I grasped this, I also realized what the value of sharing my experiences is and the way I try to improve myself on a daily basis. As things go, there will always be something for you to relate to.

The Blog

Quest for Authenticity revolves around my journey of self improvement where in I am constantly learning. On this journey, important topics for me are health, minimalism, and travel. First, I believe that health is the foundation of any human being to thrive upon. Then, the philosophy of minimalism, to live only with what adds real value to your life, I find liberating. And finally, travel and exploring is in my blood.

Traveling to me is the ultimate tool to change and experience novelty. I learned new languages and I experienced crazy adventures. All the while it never stops to provoke introspection after encountering many different ways of life. I believe that traveling is a mindset and therefore you can easily reap the same benefits at home.

Learn more, Live more

The overarching process, in my case, is always aimed at self improvement. I feel that to learn more is to live more!


I hope Quest for Authenticity will help you take control in the decisions you face. Also, I hope you start questioning everything you perceive as normal more often, to realize what your truth is. Most importantly though, I hope Quest for Authenticity helps you be you just like it helps me be me.

Yours Truly,