Who Am I?

Hey there,

welcome to quest for authenticity. My name is Joël, I am 26 years old, and I am a Physical Therapist that never stops questioning why. This is where my passion for health, body, mind and behavior all come together.

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On this blog I try to figure out how to live life according to my terms. One moment I engage related subjects philosophical, another time realistic, and another time from a health perspective. All the while aiming to ground my creations in personal experience.

In the meantime I raise awareness to what we perceive as normal, to show the twists in reality, and to offer an original vision on body, mind and behavior.

Quest for authenticity was born during my travels through South-America. A journey I embarked upon with a thousand plans, none of which came true. It turned out, life had different plans for me. In between all the hitchhiking, learning new languages, and meeting tons of people, however, I finally found the time to answer the why’s that had been floating around my head.

Hitchhiking in Mexico, from Guadalajara to San Luis Potosi.

Why do I feel insecure? Why do I feel guilty for being lazy? Why do I have to work? Why do I have to earn money? What do I want to do with my life? Why do I have money? Why do I feel guilty for being born in “the first world”?

These, and a ton of other questions made me think for weeks on end. Ultimately, feeling the need to get this into writing, I created this blog. I realized that most of what I was thinking was a reflection of what was implied by my environment and not what I was perceiving as important.

Dealing with this, I had the feeling that I was changing more and more into who I wanted to be: honest and openhearted, more authentic to myself, and not afraid of being insecure and showing what I really care about.

Do you have similar feelings? Questioning the world around you? Interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Curious what might aid in that journey? Still smiling. Then join the quest for authenticity and hit the Yes! button down below.

Yours truly,